Board and Senior Management: The Importance of Vigilance




Board and Senior Management: The Importance of Vigilance

This two-part course presented by DFTC President Dana Sumner fulfills the NCUA requirement for ongoing training for credit union board members and senior management, with a focus on the primary objective: to protect the credit union from undue risk of loss by applying safe and sound lending practices.

In Session 1, we focus on:

  • Ensuring the required level of experience for senior management, managers, and lending personnel
  • Loan Administration
  • Portfolio Management
  • Steps to Success
  • Best Practices for Creating Commercial Loan Policy

In Session 2, we focus on:

  • Regulatory Requirements for Commercial Loan Policy
  • Management Information Systems
  • Credit Risk Rating Systems
  • Evaluating Borrowers’ Expected Performance
  • What Examiners are Looking For
  • Philosophies of Commercial Loan Administration
  • Period Review Processes
  • Best Practices for Assuring Compliance

Features on-camera training by Dana with graphics and visuals to support key ideas. Includes a free PDF of an accompanying slide deck and workbook for future reference.

  • Pricing: $299 per institution
  • Includes Board & Senior Management Training, Sessions 1 and 2
  • Includes institutional access for one  year